Airnergy Pro

In the case of chronic diseases or problems with health or trying to achieve a significant increase in performance, for example, athletes or as a means of prevention in companies, the device Airnergy Pro is the best choice.


The Fotogoniômeter is a joint assessment tool. Its complex muscular and nervous system, It aims to support the physical therapist and allied professionals by computherized analysis in real time

US$ 650.00

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Nexus F 32 for Neuromarketing

Nexus 32 for applications in Neuromarketing offers more advanced features, surpassing any similar equipment on the market.


The Dreamate is an affordable solution for insomnia and also to erase the stress of the day and train your body to sleep naturally. The Dreamate uses acupressure technique to reset the biological clock and train your body to relax and sleep by massaging key acupoints on your inner wrist.

US$ 129.00

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Thought Stream with mental games

One of the most effective tools available to control anxiety, and personal growth.

US$ 229.00

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Stress Thermometer

The Stress Thermometer is a small "computer" with a temperature sensor that allows monitoring and managing emotional states.

US$ 35.00

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Motic Digiscope DS300

Este microscopio digital com zoom de 20 ~100x  já vem com camera e microfone incluidos sendo ideal para pesquisadores e cientistas iniciantes. Sua configuração "stand alone" permite vc de tirar fotos e filmes com trilha sonora !!!

US$ 1,380.00

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Sensor de Respiração para a linha Nexus

Sensor de respiração para a linha Nexus

US$ 450.00

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Sophisticated equipment Training of Light and Sound with Applications "High Performance" in athletes or human resources

US$ 159.00

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Software BioTrace Nexus 16

Software BioTrace Nexus 16 ideal para mapeamento cerebral; fisiologia do esporte e reabilitação em geral

US$ 14,650.00

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