Thought Stream with mental games

One of the most effective tools available to control anxiety, and personal growth.

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Newton Ball Classic

Can you handle the ball of 300grs for more than a minute?

US$ 68.00

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Sophisticated equipment Training of Light and Sound with Applications "High Performance" in athletes or human resources

US$ 159.00

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Airnergy Basic

You can not change the human body, changed the air we breathe. These are the words of the developers of Airnergy therapy, progression internationally patented oxygen therapy.

US$ 6,800.00

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Software BioTrace Nexus 32

Software BioTrace para Nexus 32 ideal para, mapeamento cerebral; polisonografia; fisiologia do esporte e grandes centros de reabilitação

US$ 8,900.00

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Conceito Mind Gym

O Conceito Mind Gym é destinado a espaços corporativos tendo como intuito principal a diminuição e o gerenciamento da ansiedade e do quadro funcional

Franchise Relaxing Voyage

The "RELAXING VOYAGE" is a relaxation capsule-shaped spacecraft, which contains the most advanced technologies and equipment for neuroscience User to induce states of deep relaxation.

Eletrodos Azuis 2rt3 Reutilizaveis

Eletrodos reutilizaveis para EEG ou EMG para os sensores da linha Nexus

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US$ 10,800.00

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Nexus 32

The NeXus-32 is our top of the line physiological monitoring, QEEG, biofeedback and neurofeedback system