Conceito Mind Gym

O Conceito Mind Gym é destinado a espaços corporativos tendo como intuito principal a diminuição e o gerenciamento da ansiedade e do quadro funcional

Nexus 10

Last worldwide launch the NEXUS 10 with 10 channels of physiological responses in real time

Nexus F 32 for Neuromarketing

Nexus 32 for applications in Neuromarketing offers more advanced features, surpassing any similar equipment on the market.

Surfacer Systems

Surfacer is a noninvasive instrument, portable, easy to use, which makes the optical scan of the body of the patient, and allows every 20 milliseconds, the revelation of paraformismos with high reliability

Modular Portable Baropodometro


Thought Stream with mental games

One of the most effective tools available to control anxiety, and personal growth.

US$ 229.00

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Software BioTrace Nexus 16

Software BioTrace Nexus 16 ideal para mapeamento cerebral; fisiologia do esporte e reabilitação em geral

US$ 14,650.00

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Sensor de EEG para a linha Nexus 4 ou 10

Sensor de EEG para a linha Nexus 4 ou 10

US$ 450.00

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Airnergy Basic

You can not change the human body, changed the air we breathe. These are the words of the developers of Airnergy therapy, progression internationally patented oxygen therapy.

I Theater XT

With a resolution of 922.000 pixels, this machine lets you watch movies or games on a giant screen by connecting it to an iPod, iPhone, iPhone, mobile phones, VCR, DVD, TV, etc.