Software Posturograma 3.0

The biometric software Posturograma version 3.0 is the evolution of our software postural assessment. It is a complete biomechanics virtual laboratory.

US$ 500.00

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US$ 7,800.00

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Software BioTrace para Nexus 10

Software Bio Trace para Nexus 10

US$ 2,890.00

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Stress Thermometer

The Stress Thermometer is a small "computer" with a temperature sensor that allows monitoring and managing emotional states.

US$ 35.00

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Sensor de Respiração para a linha Nexus

Sensor de respiração para a linha Nexus

US$ 450.00

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Microscopio Deluxe Estereo

Este microscópio profissional lhe permite ver com ambos os olhos. Proporciona alta resolução e uma visão multidimensional das imagens Otimo para examinar, gemas, plantas, insetos ou qualquer outro espécimen tridimensional  

US$ 1,199.00

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Airnergy Basic

You can not change the human body, changed the air we breathe. These are the words of the developers of Airnergy therapy, progression internationally patented oxygen therapy.

Drive Alert

DRIVE ALERT works as "cold water" in the middle of the night.

US$ 19.00

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Franchise Relaxing Voyage

The "RELAXING VOYAGE" is a relaxation capsule-shaped spacecraft, which contains the most advanced technologies and equipment for neuroscience User to induce states of deep relaxation.


Sophisticated equipment Training of Light and Sound with Applications "High Performance" in athletes or human resources

US$ 159.00

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