Security Policy

Buy at , plus easy, fast and comfortable is also absolutely secure . Your personal data addressing, payment and content of the application will not be used for purposes other than the processing of applications made, it is therefore not disclosed in any way.

With respect to security in data traffic, all transactions that involve payment is by credit card or not, will be encrypted with SSL technology (Secure Socket Layer). This means that only you and have access to these data.

When you data fills the screen of your PC and send us, they are automatically   encrypted, which means that during the trip on the Internet become unrecognizable. When they reach the, are automatically decrypted and read. Therefore, their data are confidential absolutely safe.

If you still do not want to pass your credit card number, just call our sales department - Tel:  +55 21 9.9997-3011 (WhatsApp)
Tel: +598 974.3149 (WhatsApp) - and your purchase can be made ??in the same way, and safely.