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Head Cap for Nexus

Helmet recording up to 21 channels for neurofeedback and brain mapping carbon coating to prevent interference, used with Nexus 32.
Código: CAP
US$ 1,327.00
Availability: 30 business days
Warranty: 1 year

The NeXus EEG cap has especially been designed for the NeXus-32. It is a 32channel EEG cap according to the 10-20 system (locations are shown on the cap.) This cap does not need electrodes, since they are already part of the cap. The electrodes are sintered and therefore the cap can be used hundreds of times. The cap is of stretchy and comfortable material and comes in three sizes; small, medium and large. The rubber suction cups on the inside of the cap , keep the cap in place and make sure that no electro-gel gets dispersed. All cables are carbon coated and use our active noise cancellation technology. All cables are nicely held together.

Set-up: first connect the NeXus EEG cap adaptor to the NeXus-32. Put the cap on the head and fill the mounts with electro-gel or abralyt using a syringe with blunt needle. While doing this the impedance/electrode offset can be checked online in the NeXus-32. Finally, connect the cap to the adaptor and you are ready.
Clean the cap with lukewarm water. When drying the cap, make sure to keep the connector dry. Therefore always hang the connector higher than the cap itself.

Easy EEG cap for up to 21 channels.
This is a high-quality and flexible EEG cap that uses the special sintered ring-electrodes with carbon coating and active shielding. Offers virtually (movement) artifact free EEG recording with NeXus-32. Sizes from 36-62 cm. (in steps of 2 cm)


Combine with
- Adaptor for NeXus EEG cap
- NeXus-32
- Syringe
- Blunt needles
- Electro-gel
- Abralyt

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