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Microscopio Deluxe Estereo

Este microscópio profissional lhe permite ver com ambos os olhos. Proporciona alta resolução e uma visão multidimensional das imagens Otimo para examinar, gemas, plantas, insetos ou qualquer outro espécimen tridimensional  
Código: DLSM
Availability: Consult
Warranty: 1 year

Deluxe Stereo Microscope

  • No, it will not play MP3 but this professional microscope allows you to see with both eyes.

  • It provides high resolution and multi-dimensional view of the images

  • Perfect to examine gems, plants, insects or other three-dimensional specimen

  • The body at a 45 degree angle has a monocular head that route 360

  • dióptico adjustment separated by focusing

  • 20X increase with 12mm field of view

  • Built in metal ensures years of use

Stereo Microscopes offer an unreversed, upright image ideal for use in dissecting or examining gems, plants, insects or virtually any three dimensional specimen. Precision optics provide a wide field of view with good depth and high resolution. The dual focusing knobs feature a rack and pinion mechanism and a special screw locks the head assembly in place to avoid refocusing. Rugged metal construction assures years of service at an economical price.


  • Stand with 45degrees inclined monocular head, rotatable 360 degrees

  • Pair of 10X wide-field eyepieces with rubber eyeguards

  • Diopter adjustment for separate focusing

  • MA62 Objective 2X

  • Magnification 20X

  • Field of view 12mm

  • Working distance 80mm

  • A reversible black and white 60mm stage plate with stage clips

  • Incident (top) illumination of 12V 10W Halogen lamp

  • Vinyl dust cover

  • Instruction Manual

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