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The Dreamate is an affordable solution for insomnia and also to erase the stress of the day and train your body to sleep naturally. The Dreamate uses acupressure technique to reset the biological clock and train your body to relax and sleep by massaging key acupoints on your inner wrist.
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Dreamate is a new, patent device designed to improve sleeping. It obeys the Meridian Theory of Chinese Medicine. On the wrist, there are 3 specific acupuncture points that enclose a "Golden Triangle". When Dreamate is worn on it, small electrical pulse are emitted, stimulating these acupuncture points. In turn, Melatonin will be released due to the improvement of blood circulation. Thus, stress is relieved and making you sleep better.

Golden Triangle

According to Meridian Theory of Chinese Medicine, are three specific points, "acupuncture points" on the handle, they are Shern-Men point, point-Ling Day, and Ney-Guan respectively.

Shern-Men point is along the "Heart Meridian", which is responsible for mental health and function of the circulatory system. Day-Ling and Ney-Guan points are along the "Peri-heart meridian", which can help prevent hyper-nervous system function. These three specific points, thus forming a "Golden Triangle", which works to relieve stress and induce sleep.

If Dreamate ™ is used in the Golden Triangle of the wrist for 15 minutes, half hour before going to bed for several days in a row, it will eventually relax the nervous and tense body to improve sleep.

The continuous use for two to four weeks will reset your biological clock to relax and sleep deeper and more prolonged.

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