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Neurosky MindWave

The MindWave Education turns your computer into a private tutor. The headset takes decades of laboratory brainwave technology and puts it into a bundled software package for under 100. It safely measures brainwave signals and monitors the attention levels of students as they interact with math, memory and pattern recognition applications.
Código: EAN 2067
US$ 140.00
Availability: 30 business days
Warranty: 1 year


Your computer will be transformed into your very own personal tutor with the MindWave. This wireless EEG headset delivers decades of laboratory brainwave technology research that comfortably fits on your head. This bundle includes 10 apps that range from fun and games to educational programs that focus on math, memory and pattern recognition.

  • Includes bonus CD with 10 neuroscience apps:Meditation Journal,SpeedMath,BlinkZone,- Schulte,SpadeA,Find Number,MindHunter, Man.Up, MindtyAnt, Jack's Adventure;

  • Measurements: Raw signal,Neuroscience defined EEG power spectrum (Alpha, Beta, etc.), eSense meter for Attention,eSense meter for Meditation,eSense Blink Detection,On-head detection;

  • Support platforms: PC/MAC;

  • 8 hours battery run time.

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