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Mind Gym Concept

Concept Mind Gym is intended for corporate spaces with the main objective to reduction and management of anxiety and stress of staff.
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Mind Gym Concept  Starting from $ 20 per month per employee

The most efficient  Stress Management and Anxiety system in your company

During the last years of its existence, the BRAIN TECH (a branch of Delumil's) has developed a technical and professional level structure used today by a large number of therapists, doctors and health professionals as well as enterprise-level known as "Inductive Therapy" for control and prevention of "stress", using the concept "Mind Gym". This system is based on the use of the latest generation and high-tech equipment, scientifically proven and approved, approved by the F.D.A. (Food & Drug Administration USA) and EC (European Community), with ISO 9001 quality standards, which induce the patient / client to a otimal state of relaxation as well as promote through interactive computer programs (Biofeedback) increased its cognitive ability, allowing after a few sessions the patient / client, get control over their own emotional states and or psicobiofisicos.

Furthermore, when the mind or psychological state of the patient / client is involved, make use of sophisticated equipment is not enough. Every detail is of paramount importance: the reception of the patient / client, the tone and receptionists voice impostor as the "speech" employee, a harmonious integration between the material colors architecture, aromas, sounds and acoustics of the place, to thus achieve the greatest amount of "relaxing stimuli" in short time.

Finally, if the "stress" and the common denominator of numerous physical, intellectual or emotional imbalances can then think that reach deep states of relaxation is not only the only goal in which case we would not be helping to prevent new relapses in these states "Stress Stress ". And therefore the philosophy of Top Star, with its "Concept Mind Gym", is based on the treatment of "stress" should not only consist of work on the symptoms as allopathic does more to provide " tools "that lead to the individual in question to be able to consciously manage the causes of imbalances

And with this in mind that the "Concept Mind Gym" was created. This "concept" starts in the training and education of therapists team regarding the handling and use of various equipment and technologies as well as the perfect and harmonious integration of materials and architecture of the space itself, it takes also into account for the study preliminary presentation of the "Concept Mind Gym", which markets to be explored, such as being the business or scope of the general population

Finally, the "concept" takes into account the profile and history of each person who consulted the center through a test developed by Star Top team so we could evaluate and suggest the best way or technology to be applied to obtain the best results in smaller space / time treatment. And for this reason that the Top Star develops and presents seminars, courses and additional training in areas such as Meta Hypnosis, Mental Training, Biofeedback. Inductive Therapy, Sensory Isolation, Eletrodermatometría, and others.

In order to meet the business market for assembly centers "Mind Gym" within the company's own physical space thus providing its workforce in discretionary time improving the working environment, reducing stress levels and increasing productivity were devised in collaboration with the team of Luc Schuiten architects, Belgium, three types of centers "Mind Gym".

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