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Nexus 4

Nexus 4 is truly portable biofeedback system that supports more compact 4-channel physiological data acquisition in real time, such as EEG, EMG, ECG, EOG, BVP
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Warranty: 2 years

Introducing the new Nexus 4

The values ??presented here do not include the software must be purchased BioTrace this part as well as the sensors according the configuration that will be used!

Our newest system protátil 4 channel monitoring, psychophysiological assessment and training!

NeXus-4: it is truly portable biofeedback system that supports more compact 4-channel physiological data acquisition in real time, such as EEG, EMG, ECG, EOG, BVP, skin conductivity, respiration, skin temperature and HR (heartbeat). Apart from its connection Blue Tooth (wireless) to your computer, You can also store up to 24 hours (depending on battery life) and physiological data in its flash memory (embedded) (memory card not included in price) This system is so small it fits in your pocket.


Note: The NeXus-4 is certified as a Class IIa medical products in the USA. This product can be used for physiological monitoring and research as well as for clinical applications in the area of ??psychophysiology. (Biofeedback and Neurofeedback).

What is included?

The NeXus-4 comes with the software BioTrace software that is compatible with the software of the NeXus-10, 16 and 32. So you have to decide which sensors will be of use to develop the work in his specialty. (Sensors and are charged separately according to type) All sensors are compatible with Nexus 10 

Is included: 

• The NeXus-4 unit 
• The Bluetooth interface 
• The protective layer of leather 
• 24 months factory warranty 
• Software BioTrace 
• Manuals 

The NeXus-4 can simultaneously use up to 2 channels EXG (any combination of EEG, ECG, EMG or EOG) and two auxiliary channels. (Any combination of breathing, pulse volume and blood, conductance and / or skin temperature.) 

Note: We remain at your disposal for further information on applications, settings, training courses, sensors or other form of use Click here

Cables no noise! 
A major concern when using a similar system is the filtering of noise in the acquisition of the signal. In the NeXus-4 this is no longer a problem! because we use the latest generation cables coated with carbon. This means that each cable in question is lined and insulated up to their electrode which prevents unwanted signals such as motion or external frequencies as cell phones or electrical cables, etc.. 

More technical data:

The NeXus-4 uses an internal 24-bit converter AD and low noise preamplifiers which results in a great performance and a totally clean signal. As the physiological data acquired up to 1024 samples per second. 

The NeXus-4 uses the same sensors that the NeXus-10 platform 

Supports two monitors simultaneously:

BioTrace The software that comes with the NeXus-4 offers almost all the functions included in software BioTrace + NeXus-10, 16 and 32. One of these functions is to be able to use two monitors at once. One for the care interaction (games - and other graphics) and one for evaluation and real-time monitoring by the clinician.

The NeXus-4 is a small system that can be placed in the patient's waist to the acquisition of physiological data and uses two 1.5V AA batteries .. 

Applications of the HRV (heart rate variation):

This system oiperado batteries can be used for acquiring physiological data mto ECG or EEG for up to 24 hrs (depending on battery power) In terms of the HRV system supports: 

• HRV - data recording up to 24 hrs 
• HRV - analysis and printed reports 
• HRV - training screens.

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