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Conector e adaptador para Nexus

Adapter cable Nexus line.
Código: NX MiniDin1
US$ 150.00
Availability: Immediate
Warranty: 1 year

The EEG Linked Ear Cable offers a solution to measure EEG linked ear referenced. Linked ear is a very common way to do EEG in and is used in most of the QEEG databases, like Neuroguide. To make proper use of such databases you can use the linked ear cable. By using one or two linked ear cables, you'll be able to do 4 channels linked ear reference with NeXus-10 or NeXus-32.

Set-up: the cable is used as an adaptor cable and is placed between a NeXus EXG Sensor and a NeXus system. Connect the cable to the ExG input (A&B or C&D) of the NeXus system. Connect the EXG Sensor/ EXG Sensor TP in its turn to the linked ear cable.

If you would like to do 4 channels of linked ear, connect another linked ear cable to the second EXG input (C&D) of the NeXus. Also connect the two linked ear black connectors to each other for setting up linked ear.

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