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The OrthoMouse is the first orthopedic mouse in the world that fits easily into your hand preventing RSI and MSDs.
Código: OMOUSE
US$ 159.00
US$ 99.00
Availability: 15 business days
Warranty: 3 months

The ORTHOMOUSE came to revolutionize the computing market. It is the first orthopedic mouse, which fits easily in the hand forms. Every detail of the design was developed with the goal of providing more accuracy and to reduce complaints and medical problems related to use of ordinary mice.

The ORTHOMOUSE was scientifically designed to suário who value their health, without neglecting the quality of handling. It is a result of extensive research work, which combined successfully, technology and comfort. In addition to practical and efficient, The ORTHOMOUSE will become very enjoyable day-to-day professional, student or anyone who uses the mouse constantly.






Unique features of the OrthoMouse:

  • What mimics the shape and proportions of the hand that uses it; hand "copy" the attitude of writing.

  • What has four different grips (maximum capacity in control and sensibilide).

  • What is "precision grip" on "position clamp" (incredible sensitivity).

  • What forces and allows the hand and fingers to work on "passive adaptation" (in other mice, the hand and fingers work in "active compensation").

  • What keeps the main characteristic of the human hand: the thumb in opposition to the fingers.

  • In which hand, finger and forearm muscles are in balance (tasks effortlessly).

  • With maximum sensitivity and control the full support of the hand and fingers (complete rest).

  • In that clicks only require bending instantaneous, unlike the other mice.

  • In the lower mechanical strength buttons allow long tasks effortlessly.

  • which has no sharp edges and / or embossing steep in the support surface.

  • In the "click" involuntary was eliminated: the fingers rest on the buttons.

  • With ease the tasks of precision due to the special location of the optical sensor.

  • Coated Textured anti-sweat and skid.

  • With ultra-flexible cable: movement without resistance.

  • With scroll buttons (up-down) direct drive.

  • What works in hand "functional position" (position of protection for the hand).

  • The OrthoMouse allows six different configurations (assembly-Yourself Technology):

  • 3 "extenders" allowing adaptation to different hand sizes.

  • 2 "handles" above, appropriate adjustment of the thumb and forefinger.

  • You choose the one that best fits your hand!

  • The work of the hand in "Functional Position" is the only logical way to deal with RSI / WMSD related to the use of mice.



  • 5 configurable buttons

  • 800 DPI Optical Technology

  • Plug & Play with Windows, Linux and MAC.

  • USB connection (USB/PS2 adapter included)

  • Ultra-flexible cable: 1.80 m


  • Windows Vista / XP / 2000 / Me / 98, Macintosh: Mac OS 10.1.x - 10.3.x Mac OS 8.6 to 9.x

  • Linux: Kernel 2.4 or higher with support for USB devices

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