Therapeutic Pack 2

This package includes 2 Terapeutico The Mind Wave Mobile NeuroSky with 10 programs train relaxation, attention, focus, and other anxiety and Puzzlebox Orbit - Drone - which you mentally commands using the Mind Wave Mobile - Making just fly with power of his thought Ideal for Therapists, Psychologists and educators.
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Package 2 Terapeutico

Mind Wave Mobile + Puzzlebox Orbit Drone

Orbit Puzzlebox a helicopter is controlled by the brain. Operated with an EEG headset, users can fly Orbit, focusing and clearing your mind. colorful visuals and helps the physical feedback provide positive reinforcement for the development of attention and mental relaxation skills. What makes the Orbit Puzzlebox truly unique, however, it is open to release all the source code, hardware schematics, 3D models, and step by step-hacking instructions that are published freely online. Puzzlebox aims to assist the pursuit of science and education, inviting its users to modify their products and make them your own.

Designed in Silicon Valley the world's leading innovator of brainwave technology, the new mobile MindWave headset is evolving to the mobile user of today. It is compatible with Apple iOS products, including the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and Android phones and tablets. And you can double your use of mobile MindWave with Mac and PC compatibility.

In addition, 5 more bonus apps for PC / Mac are included: Brainwave Visualizer, Man.Up, ZombiePop, Meditation Journal, and Tutorial MindWave.

Main Bene fi ts

MindWave Mobile is less expensive research degree EEG world's headset available. Designed to interface with mobile devices (iOS and Android) and desktop (Win and Mac), it can be used with a wide variety of games, BrainTraining and educational applications. Its clear sign of brain waves is based on TGAM, the biosensor chip that revolutionized an industry. It is an excellent introductioninto the world of brain-computer interface (BCI).


Mobile MindWave measures with security issues and the EEG power spectra (alpha waves, beta waves, etc), NeuroSky eSense meters (attention and meditation) and snap. The device consists of a headset, an ear clip, and a sensor arm. Reference and ground electrodes of the headset is the ear clip and EEG electrode is the sensor arm, resting on the forehead above the eye (FP1 position). It uses a single AAA battery with eight hours of battery life.

Note: headset is rated at 60 Hz and is intended to be used only in 60 Hz Electric regions, such as the United States.

MindWave Mobile

  • Uses TGAM1 module

  • Automatic pairing wireless

  • Single AAA battery (not included)

  • 8 hours of battery runtime

  • Bluetooth v2.1 Class 2 (10 meter range). Bluetooth dongle is not included.

  • If you do not have Bluetooth on your PC / Mac, here are details about recommended Bluetooth dongles.

  • Static Headset ID (headsets have a unique ID for pairing purposes)

  • iOS and Android support


  • Raw Brainwaves

  • Processing and output power spectra (EEG alpha, beta, etc.)

  • NeuroSky proprietary processing and output meters eSense Attention, Meditation, and other future meters

  • EEG / ECG signal quality analysis (can be used to detect poor contact and if the device is out of the head)

Applications included:

  • MyndPlayer

  • Parkour heroes (by MyndPlay)

  • MyndPlay Sports: Archery (for MyndPlay)

  • Paranormal Mynd: Exorcism (for MyndPlay)

  • Dodger Bullet (for MyndPlay)

  • brainwave Visualizer

  • Man.Up

  • ZombiePop

  • meditation Journal

  • Tutorial MindWave.



  • Weight: 90g

  • Sensor arm-: height: 225 mm x Width: 155 mm x Depth: 92 mm

  • Arm down Sensor: height: 225 mm x Width: 155 mm x Depth: 165mmHeadset Diagram


  • BT Version: 2.1

  • Power Output BT: Class 2

  • BT Minimum voltage: 1.0V

  • BT Range: 10m range

  • BT Power Consmuption: 80mA (when connected and transmit)

  • 1.1V Low Battery Indicator

  • UART (Serial): VCC, GNC, TX, RX

  • UART baud rate: 57,600 Baud

  • separate additional IOS and Android Apps are available through their Mobile App Store.

MyndPlay Brainwave Movie Player included:

One of the most intelligent developments in film, MyndPlay brings brainwaves for movie viewing experience like never before. brain waves are monitored by NeuroSky MindWave Mobile headset to that in movie plot key moments, levels of brain waves to determine the issues. When the situation on the screen requires high levels of attention, or when the hero movie needs to be relaxed, the viewer can create a new level of sympathy with the action on screen.