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Clock w / bat -Cardiacos and Calori

Relógio de pulso digital que permite que você veja sua pulsação e quantas calorias foram queimadas. Este relógio Digital é uma excelente opção para aqueles praticantes de esportes ou para os que desejam perder peso certos
Código: RELPU
US$ 159.00
US$ 129.00
Availability: Immediate
Warranty: 1 year

Digital wrist watch that allows you to see your heart rate and how many calories were burned. This Digital Watch is an excellent option for those sports enthusiasts or for those who wish to lose weight are not certain that extrapolating its limits. In addition to the marker pulse and calorie reader, you will also have a screen where the time is displayed, a timer that divides the twists and even the option to enter personal information in order to obtain more accurate readings. This is a great watch for your exercise program and is available at an amazing price taking into account its multiple functions.

Manufacturer Specifications:

  • LCD screen

  • Clock (Time / Minutes / Seconds) and Date (Month / Year)

  • Pulse Mode: determines the heartbeat anytime

  • Caloric Counter: Measures how many calories were burned

  • Alarm: Buzzer time and alarm

  • Stopwatch with measuring function for laps (laps)

  • Size: Front 140x135x9mm (LxWxD)

  • Code Of Manufacturer:. JAUEGT8J8KGZ

Other features:

  • Inclusion of personal information for accurate information about the calorie burning

  • Date of birth / sex / person (in kg or lbs)


  • Manual

  • Manufacturer and Origin: China

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