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Franchise Relaxing Voyage

The "RELAXING VOYAGE" is a relaxation capsule-shaped spacecraft, which contains the most advanced technologies and equipment for neuroscience User to induce states of deep relaxation.
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The "RELAXING VOYAGE" is a relaxation capsule-shaped spacecraft, which contains the most advanced technologies and equipment for neuroscience User to induce states of deep relaxation, called "ULTRA MIND EXPERIENCE".

How it works?

The "RELAXING VOYAGE" uses visual stimuli with 3D glasses and fractals computerized imaging programs, as well as music and hearing schedules "Hypnotic Goal" with specific objectives, such as relaxation, peak energy, memory, focus, and sleep. Uses also tactile stimuli through a massaging chair with automatic movements similar to the human touch, (Human Touch Technology), The User is taken to an even deeper state of ALPHA through the application of cranial electrical stimulation, square wave of 0.5 Hz and a shower of lights cromoterápico especias. All this happens simultaneously and that the physiological changes are captured in real time by a sensor GSR (Galvanic Skin Response) which in turn issues a report graph (in K ohms) of changes in the level of anxiety and stress experienced during the session. All these stimuli together take the User to a state of "feeling of levitation" and an experience that always like to repeat.

Where should I put it?

The "RELAXING VOYAGE", should be placed in areas of affluence of the general public such as malls, fairs and exhibitions for its bold design for a lot of attention. It is also of paramount importance to note, the user, which is within the "RELAXING VOYAGE" does not see people who are outside, and he and seen from outside the capsule.


What is the cost benefit?

The "RELAXING VOYAGE" has two sources of income options, the first is the sale of service sessions of relaxation within the capsule normally charged at $ 20.00 for a period of 15 minutes. The second source of income is the sale of the product line of Top Star and for relaxation and wellness. Typically, in a crowded mall and make it a daily average of 40 sessions, giving a total revenue of $ 800.00 plus the daily sale of products with margins of 100%. It is estimated that the average monthly income is $ 50,000, including sales and service. Fixed costs of rental space in shopping centers vary widely, the more we can say that with $ 6,000.00 per month, all fees, rents and costs will be covered. Therefore if the average profit on the sale is 50%, we will have a gross of $ 25,000.00 per month of which no longer taking the despessas around £ 15,000 to 20,000 monthly income. It is logical that we should expect the return on invested capital which supposedly will have a "pay-out time" of up to six months. Therefore, invest in having your sole business this way, offering quality of life and well being, is simply FANTASTIC.


How much will my investment?

The "RELAXING VOYAGE", has two cofigurações, the first only intended to offer the art scientific capsule, and the second involving the sale of equipment in addition to the services, the first option has an estimated investment of $ 50,000.00 and the second option, of $ 65.000.00 which includes an inventory of goods. Not to mention we the costs of rental space and permits and business licenses. Training, installation and maintenance Our team will teach you all the details of the operation as well as service and will keep you updated on any changes of new programs, services and products that will be launched. In addition to having a hotline "Hot Line" to clarify doubts and help you in maintaining the equipment during the 7 days a week 365 days per annum. Your success is very important to us, since it is to prove our growth. Work with pleasure and get benfícios. If the mental, physical and emotional impact of his neighbor worked for, you just have to win, because a similar best, makes a better society.

Think about investing in their own quality of life and work for a better world. Give yourself a chance, open your franchise and be on good terms with life. We await your contact to asessora it better in the most productive investment market simply Barbaro. Click the link below and make your request.

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