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Software BioTrace Nexus 4

BioTrace software for Nexus 4 ideal for psychologists, physiotherapists and small rehabilitation clinics.
Código: SOBTN4
US$ 1,350.00
Availability: Immediate
Warranty: 1 year

BioTrace software for use with the Nexus decoder 4. This software allows the ususario monitoraar Real-Time and Motion physiological responses such as: EEG (electroencephalography); EMG (electromyography surface and intracavital); ECG (electrocardiography); GSR (galvanic skin response); Temperature; Breath; BVP (vlumem and blood pressure); oculography; goniometer; Torciometria and strength. Ideal for psychologists, physiotherapists or small rehabilitation clinics, this software allows also training Neuro and Biofeedback relying on endless interactive GAMES that will make the User increase your cognitive ability on the conscious control of their own physiology.

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