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Snore Stopper

The Snore Stopper is a watch that when placed on your wrist before sleeping, pick galvanize answers of your skin and send a small electrical signal that does not wake you but you will change position.
Código: SSTOP
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Warranty: 1 year

It is a fantastic product for you snore and wake up tired, and disturb the sleep of others. The Snore Stopper is a clock that placed before bed will raise your pulse in the galvanic skin responses (which changes with the zoom) and it simply emits a small electrical signal that did not agree but will change position. When this happens your RONCO is automatically stopped. Simple and easy to use. You can now and forever stop snoring.

Snore Stopper™ is a revolutionary device designed to reduce snoring through a patent nerve stimulation process. It features a specially designed biosensor with logic-control IC. When Snore Stopperdetects snoring, a gentle, 4-second electrical pulse will be sent automatically to stimulate nerves on the snorer's skin. Then the brains senses this nerve stimulation, and remind or train the snorer him/herself to change the sleeping posture, thereby reducing snoring.

  • Brand new in box with battery, user manual, oral appliance;

  • Detect snores with creatively designed biosensor;

  • Reduce snoring frequency and volume without disturbing normal sleeping;

  • Auto power-off after 8 hours;

  • After 8 weeks of use, Snoring Intensity Level (SIS) dropped from 4.15 to 2.3.

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