Our mission

Scientific Evidence and Our Mission

In view of the dissemination to the general public, this space will provide you information about:

  • Technologies carefully selected to properly feed the brain.
  • Exercises and specific products used in different levels of consciousness to communicate better with themselves (dream, first sleep, alpha consciousness, alertness).
  • Exercises and products to learn how to communicate effectively and relaxed with OTHERS.
  • Forum for debate.
  • Catalog of products that incorporate different mental technologies, products against tension, stress and personal development.
  • Information about research into mental technologies.
  • Bibliographic database which will progressively enrich this space devoted to the "man in development and its fulfillment."

The relationship between consciousness and new technologies

Both the brain and the consciousness of man can be developed through mental techniques and technologies that will be progressively delivered in this space. Moreover, since it is discovered that the brain works preferentially (both conscious and in subconscious) in visual mode, the more the computer becomes a technology development of consciousness so much the adequacy of position in the network will be evident (or more "clear"), it is likely that cleared virtual technologies will allow, more than ever, associations of innovative ideas.

Combining artificial intelligence and human intelligence

According to experts, the interface between man and machine will reduce dramatically in future years. Today, we can talk with a computer and, shortly, it will be possible to get literally "in the program" of the computer, penetrating, thanks virtual technology, in a world designed by the purely imaginary programmers. The University of Hokkaido, Japan, is making experiences with software to command computer through thinking...

Soon, programs (artificial) and neuro-programs (brain) will merge into one. The principles of artificial intelligence program developed intelligent capabilities to computers for which the human brain is not normally provided, as the speed of calculation, the storage of huge volumes and their easy classification, while the brain carries out further processing, such as comparison the assessment arbitrary and unique, artistic creation, invention, humor, looking for aesthetics, etc. That is why, today, they compares the computers that have the graphic symbolization with a genuine instruments of "extension of thought", which, in virtual reality, will become the famous "engine powered by imagination".

Tension & Stress

On some decades instead of going through a gradual transformation, life changed rapidly and completely to the inhabitants of the industrialized regions in a few generations. Isolated, socially separated from the primary group (family), the urban man finds himself forced to seek new relationships with their surroundings. More than ever, deprived of the full spectrum of light, undergo a deafening noise and electromagnetic fields, urban man is currently the target of an amount (Always growing) of information to be processed in the same day.

The tension is the body's response to fluctuations (a physiological or psychological aggression) involved in the life of an individual. A state without fluctuations correspond to death ... A strain on time (acute) can often be positive, because it's stimulant; an excessive volume of fluctuations over a prolonged period (chronic stress), without possibility of adaptation leads to a state that, in principle, is designated "STRESS", causing sometimes serious disturbances... One of definitions of the term relaxation is: "The return to balance". In these pages you will find the mechanisms of the binomial "tension / relaxation", as consume the energy accumulated during the stress reaction and how to transform positive energy of reaction under stress. You will find ways to avoid unwanted physiological responses, learning to use and maximize your mind-body control.

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