Brain Machines


Brain Machines


Result of the world most advanced technology in the field of Neurology, the BrainMachine, also known as Dream Machine, Mega Brain, as correctly, brain wavesynthesizers, devices are able to expand the capacity of our brain, providing vitality, relaxation, increased memory and end of insomnia


Kasina Deepvision Bundle

This bundle includes the MindPlace Kasina Mind Media system, plus an extra pair of Ganzframes. This extra pair has an eyes open option and is proving to be very popular.

Kasina Deepvision Ganzfeld Display

GanzFrames are the ‘light’ component of our Light and Sound Mind Machines. They deliver flickering’s of colored light through closed eyelids. The new DeepVision (Ganzfeld) glasses have the option for eyes-open.

Kasina Mind Media Meditation System

This bundle includes the MindPlace Kasina Mind Media system. Kasina system bundled new display, used to: Meditation Relaxation Focus

Mind WorkStation

Mind WorkStation handles the entire process of creating professional brainwave entrainment sessions, offering a wide range of audio/visual effects, cutting-edge neural stimulation methods, and easy integration with biofeedback and EEG devices.

Procyon Deepvision Bundle

This bundle includes the MindPlace Procyon Mind Media system, plus an extra pair of Ganzframes. This extra pair has an eyes open option and is proving to be very popular.

Procyon Deepvision Ganzfeld Display

When you are using them with your Procyon, your entire field of view is filled with pure, jewel-like colors and dancing patterns, and the two RGB LEDs per eye assure plenty of brightness. When the LEDs are all at maximum brightness, white light is produced. It works well with your eyes closed, too!

Procyon MindMedia Meditation System

The MindPlace Procyon Audio Visual Synthesizer is an experience, melding a rainbow of color choices with clear, crisp digital sound.The resulting synthesis can be used to modulate states of consciousness in rich new ways.


Sophisticated equipment Training of Light and Sound with Applications "High Performance" in athletes or human resources


Welcome to PLANET Psio !! A new world of applications is available for discovery by buyers Psio. Recently, NASA bought Psio for stress management engineering team. O Psio is a new device that comes in the form of a pair of glasses full of high electronic technology that emit colored light and pulsating sound. Special for relaxation - stress - panic - tiredness - memory - learning - etc.

PSiO Custom

The PSiO technology offers an innovative, simple and effective solution to rediscover optimum well-being. Depending on the time of the day and the need, the sessions are tailored in terms of rhythms, colors and eventually relaxing messages.

PSiO Pro

The PSiO PRO is a model configured for professionals covered with a particularly soft-touch coating. It has a luxury GOLD MIRROR visor and is a model specifically configured for professionals

Ruby Light Ganzframes

Glasses for use with Sirius and only Proteus in the Red Ruby module - This eyepiece features four LED lamps on each side and NOT work alone - it is simply a product replacement if your original has broken or is outside of the warranty period manufactures - we recommend nOT buy this product if you are not possessed of a Brain Machine Sirius or Proteus.