Bio & Neurofeedback


The term "biofeedback training" came into use around 1969, when it proved a useful tool in teaching and learning processes that involve self-regulation training. In a narrow sense can conceptualize a vision feedback for etymological. Radical feed, food, and the radical back, back, you get the feedback of a system. In popular parlance, the term feedback can also be regarded as providing information about the state of a system. For example, while awaiting the loading of a particular site, a loading bar shows the user what percentage already completed. In clinical settings, these and other self-regulatory processes acquired through biofeedback training can be used to reduce or eliminate symptoms of organic disorders related to stress or to restore muscle function and reduce pain from an injury or illness. May be the primary therapeutic modality or combined with other therapeutic interventions such as lifestyle counseling, training in desensitization, cognitive restructuring or psychotherapy. Biofeedback training gradually developed into a powerful therapeutic procedure. In educational, business, biofeedback training is a tool for development of deep relaxation and stress management, processes that are important in preventing stress-related ailments. In all applications the goal of biofeedback training is self-regulation - learning how to manage both the physical and mental functioning for a better and healthier ..

BioRadio Basic Set

The BioRadio basic set is a lightweight and fully configurable research system for recording and analyzing physiological data.


The eSense is a small sensor to measure your skin conductance through two electrodes and the microphone of your iPhone, iPhone and iPod touch.

Nexus 10

Last worldwide launch the NEXUS 10 with 10 channels of physiological responses in real time

Nexus 32

The NeXus-32 is our top of the line physiological monitoring, QEEG, biofeedback and neurofeedback system

Nexus 4

Nexus 4 is truly portable biofeedback system that supports more compact 4-channel physiological data acquisition in real time, such as EEG, EMG, ECG, EOG, BVP


Trackitâ„¢ has been designed from the outset with both Ambulatory EEG and Sleep applications in mind. Its small and compact footprint, when coupled with the paediatric backpack, makes the Trackitâ„¢ ideal for EEG recording applications in children and adults.