In company training

During the last six years of its existence, the Top Star has developed an Inductive Therapies structure of technical and professional level is currently used by a large number of therapists, doctors and health professionals as well as corporate level known as Inductive Therapy "for the control and prevention of" stress ", using the concept" Mind Gym ". This system, based on the use of state of art equipment and high tech, scientifically tested and approved, approved by FDA (Food & Drug Administration USA) and EC (European Community), with quality standards ISO 9001, which induce the patient / client to a state optimality of relaxation as well as promote through interactive computer programs (Biofeedback) increasing its cognitive capacity, allowing few sessions after the patient / client, gain control over their own emotional states and or psychobiophysicians.

Mind Gym Concept

Concept Mind Gym is intended for corporate spaces with the main objective to reduction and management of anxiety and stress of staff.