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Clock w / bat -Cardiacos and Calori

Relógio de pulso digital que permite que você veja sua pulsação e quantas calorias foram queimadas. Este relógio Digital é uma excelente opção para aqueles praticantes de esportes ou para os que desejam perder peso certos

Was: US$ 159,00
Now: US$ 129,00

Fingertip Oximeter

Regularly monitor your heart rate as well as oxyhemoglobin levels can warn you in advance of future problems ...

Was: US$ 99,00
Now: US$ 69,00

Grip Challenge TK

The Grip Challenge TK will not only improve your health, but also the condition of your forearms, wrists, hands, fingers all the daily tasks or even at the time of loading their luggage into their dreamed such a vacation.

Newton Ball Classic

Can you handle the ball of 300grs for more than a minute?


The OrthoMouse is the first orthopedic mouse in the world that fits easily into your hand preventing RSI and MSDs.

Was: US$ 159,00
Now: US$ 99,00

Portable Breathalyzer

Breathalyzer with BAC that has built-in clock function and countdown timer.