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Prof. Leopoldo Kneit –(history)

Prof. Leopoldo Kneit was born in Montevidéu - Uruguay. Son of Europeans, he attended the first and second degree in British School, having traveled to Italy at the age of 16 years in exchange student. Then he moved to Israel where he continued his studies and served as a volunteer. He also participated in the training experiences of rural communities of advanced (Kibbutz) in the territories occupied after six days war (Merom Golan A - Kuneitra). He studied Philosophy and Literature at the Jewish University of Jerusalem without come to form given the fact that he started to get interested in the field of Holistic and Alternative Therapies. He began his training Fisher Therapy - Hoffman as part of courses facilitator training in the Enneagram with prof. Claudio Naranjo. He began his studies of Transpersonal Psychology (Cosmorama) with Prof. Pierre Weill as well as studies and research developed in various institutes and schools of the United States (Esalen-Big Sur CA USA) and Europe in the areas of Light Touch, King Ki, Polarization Pran Therapy, Reflexology, Body Reading, NLP, Psycho-drama, Technology of the Unified Field, Zen Buddhism, Kabbalah, Color Therapy, Crystals, Ozone and Oxygen Therapy, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Parapsychology, PSI Phenomena and KAPA, Kirliangrafia, Visualization creative, among others. He was the founder of the SER (First Institute of Alternative Therapies in Rio de Janeiro 1982), participating as Facilitator, Professor or Lecturer of numerous courses, conferences and lectures in several countries.

He speaks, reads and writes fluently: Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, English, Hebrew and Arabic as well as he has traveled all around the world incessantly demand always apply new technologies and knowledge for the sake of human development. Currently represents uniquely several American, European and Canadian companies, world leaders in technology, being an active member of several international research institutions such as the American Society for Psychical Research, Beith - El Society for Inner Research, AAPB, American Ass. of Psichophysiology & Biofeedback, BFE, Biofeedback Foundation of Europe and others.


During an ice age, very remote, when the Globe was covered by thick layers of ice, many animals did not resist the intense cold and died helpless because they do not adapt to harsh weather conditions. Then a herd of porcupines in an attempt to protect themselves and survive, began to unite and join more and more. So every one could feel the warmth of another's body. And all together and united, wrapped each other, warmed up, facing longer that darkness winter. However, thankless life, the thorns of each began to hurt the closest companions, precisely those who supplied them with more heat, that vital heat, matter of life or death. And they moved away, hurt, suffered.

They dispersed for not supporting the longer spines of their fellows. Ached a lot...

But this was not the best solution: apart, separate, soon began to freeze and to death. Those who did not die began to get closer again, little by little, with care, so that together, each kept a certain distance of each other, enough to live without hurting, to survive without causing reciprocal damage. Thus, learning to love, endured the long ice age. Survived.

"The more we are concerned with the happiness of others, the greater becomes our sense of wellbeing. Cultivate a sense of closeness and warmth, compassion for others automatically puts the mind in a state of peace. This helps remove any fears, worries or insecurities we may have, and gives us great strength to fight with any obstacles we encounter. This is the most powerful success in life. "

Tenzin Gyatso, XIV Dalai Lama

Nobel Peace Prize in 1989